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CESOP End-to-end Solution

The new measure to transmit payment data into a centralised European database (CESOP) will come into effect in January 2024, posing different challenges on PSPs. Deloitte offers an end-to-end solution to support PSPs to implement CESOP in a compliant, timely and cost-efficient manner.

CESOP, the EU's new Central Electronic System of Payment information has been created to support efforts to close the VAT gap in the EU. From 2024, all EU Payment Service Providers will be required to report transactional data of cross-border payments. By collecting data on cross-border payments, the EU expects to collect VAT that was previously unpaid due to errors and fraud.

Why CESOP is an urgent business challenge

CESOP poses different challenges on PSPs: complex selection criteria due to ambiguous rules, large amount of data required at a transactional level which differs from other tax regulations, and the need to submit reports in multiple jurisdictions - all in combination with a short change timeline.

To properly implement CESOP and meet the required timeline, companies should already start asking various questions, such as: What does CESOP mean for my organisation? Are my data, systems, processes and people ready to handle the CESOP requirements? How will we implement CESOP to guarantee the quality and timeliness of the report each time? What should we take into account to embed this change into the organisation for long-term success?

How can Deloitte assist you

Deloitte offers an end-to-end solution, combining our capabilities and expertise across Tax, Business and Technology.

  • We have in-depth knowledge of international indirect tax and regulatory compliance, supported by an international network covering knowledge of member state specifics
  • We have a secure and scalable platform that gathers and processes the data following CESOP logic, generate reports in required format and help you submit to tax authorities
  • We have great teams of people with business and industry experience to help you effectively manage and embed the change in your organisation

End-to-end CESOP offering

We offer an end-to-end package including impact assessment to analyse what you need, as well as ongoing project support and change management for long-term success. The key component, our CESOP platform, provides ease to organisations by:

  • Automating wherever possible
  • Built to scale and handle billions of transactions
  • Offering all the CESOP required data capabilities
  • Providing insights and control through a user-friendly portal
  • Secure by design

Want to know more about our solution or get a demo? Contact one of our specialists below.