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Company relocation

In light of the shifting international tax landscape, organisations are focusing on establishing economic substance, cautiously considering the jurisdictions they operate from in order to safeguard their interests.

Cyprus is ideally suited for international business due to the numerous benefits it offers including its strategic geographic location, talented workforce, EU membership, robust legal framework, friendly business environment and one of the most attractive tax regimes in Europe, fully compliant with EU and OECD regulations. All these factors make Cyprus the ultimate choice for setting up and running your business.

At Deloitte in Cyprus we are proud to be partners of the biggest international companies that successfully operate in Cyprus, having assisted them to set-up their offices or enhance their presence. Our experience and expertise allow us to ensure a smooth set-up and overcome any new operations obstacles.

Our aim is to be on your side both during the set-up process and remain as your trusted partners during your subsequent operations in the island, to enable you to concentrate on your core business.

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