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Talent and tax technology:

People with power

The increasing pace of changes in global regulatory requirements, organizational pressures, and emerging technology innovations are all reshaping traditional roles in the tax profession. Tax departments can no longer keep pace by hiring more people with the same skills profile. The tax teams that will thrive will be augmented by automation, steeped in digital skills, will explore new workforce models and will be more closely connected to the business. How will individuals, tax departments, and organizational leaders turn the change and uncertainty they face today into growth and potential opportunity for tomorrow?

They will successfully harness the Power of With.

Preparing the individual, organization, and team for the future of tax


When the Power of With is harnessed, the work performed by automation technologies like robotic process automation and artificial intelligence will not push tax professionals out, but instead complement their judgement, intuition, and communication-based work.

For this to happen effectively, tax departments and teams need to foster an environment that encourages agility and creativity, and the professionals themselves need to make sure they have the skills they’ll need to lead the tax transformation.

It’s time to leverage valuable new technologies and cultivate critical new capabilities for the digital future.

Reimagining global mobility


Digital technologies are transforming the employee experience when it comes to global mobility. See how organizations are using technology innovations to attract and retain top talent.

Tax professionals with technology

Don’t just work. Thrive.

Tax professionals should embrace digital and cognitive technologies, tax professionals should embrace automation and the opportunities it provides. Acquiring new sets of skills will be essential to professional roles in the future of tax.

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Organizations with vision

Be a change agent.

Lay the groundwork to help your tax department—and the professionals who power it— adapt and excel in the face of digital transformation.

Today’s pressures and challenges for tax departments are unlike those faced previously. What will the tax department of the future look like?

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Mobility with ease

Putting the world within reach.

The rate of change is exponential—and disruption is pervasive through technology advancements, global working models, and tsunamis of data. At the center of this is the talent experience. With the Power of With at an employee’s fingertips, you’ll create employee-centered programs powered by digital, seamless, and engaging experiences that help your company attract and retain top talent—and create a true competitive advantage.

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Creating tomorrow, today


Digital advances could mean big changes for the tax profession.


Next-generation technology, talent, and operating models are having far-reaching implications on the tax profession, and this only looks set to continue as the digital age advances. Companies need to prepare themselves for the digital age ahead. One approach to this is through the work, workforce, and workplace framework. In an article originally featured in International Tax Review, explore how these developments are unfolding and what tax leaders can do to prepare for the future.

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