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Standardise & Centralise

A single source of truth of all regulatory requirements. Get a summary of your compliance position and take early action with the right people, from the right jurisdictions.

We bring a structured, central repository of regulatory knowledge management to store artifacts and compliance best practice. You can view, search and assess regulations as well as map the rule changes to your controls and policies through:

  • A specialist team of regulatory specialists across the globe
  • End-to-end compliance management functionality
  • Automated classification and connection to internal compliance artifacts
  • Seamless API integration with industry standard GRC tools
  • Unique user-profile configuration that is flexible and agile through modules to augment your existing capability

Assemble and assess all regulatory requirements faster and easier, saving time and resources

Our specialist team of regulatory professionals from all jurisdictions bring perspective and insight. Deloitte’s Regulatory Universe brings a structured library housing all your regulations from around the world where you can:

  • Automatically scan and receive regulatory change updates
  • Access a centralised view of the regulatory universe for your business
  • Assess and control the risk for your business and manage regulatory change

The Regulatory universe evolves over time. In force, future and repealed rules can all be viewed and identified appropriately. Future rules are updated by the system based on their effective date. The platform also allows you to see where controls or policies may already be in place to satisfy coming obligations.

Our solutions can connect to external GRC systems via APIs. This allows controls, policies, processes and frameworks to be loaded in and used in our tools. Once this data has been through our workflow, it can be pushed back.

Each paragraph can be linked to your business’ taxonomies (e.g. themes, risks, lines of business and legal entities). Paragraphs can also be linked to one another if they are related.

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