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Simplify & Automate

Our intelligence allows you to assess the changes in regulatory environment to better substantiate your decision. Get an instant view of your compliance position, even in heavily regulated Markets.

Save valuable time and protect your organisation from taking unnecessary risks with a clear audit trail for your internal departments and externally to stakeholders and regulators by:

  • Setting up and configure your own assessment methodology with a comprehensive governance structure for monitoring and tracing controls
  • Creating regulatory checklists by selecting specific articles across publications
  • Logging all regulatory requirements for a specific product, service or regulatory report and assess its compliance status
  • Compliance monitoring activities for the year ahead can be planned by creating risk-based annual plans
  • Testing the efficacy of compliance monitoring activities
  • Actioning and Issuing Management to track remediation and confidently mark issues as solved

Structured way of management

Take action in the face of regulatory change. Assess the effects of alterations and identify gaps to make your organisation a responsible business.

• Through a structured and systemic process, you can be group regulatory documents into packages based on similar change requirements
• Have a simplified view of the regulatory universe
• Automated workflow through your business to help change teams focus across specific areas of responsibility

Users can create business requirements and functional specifications for regulatory change initiatives. These can be manually added over time and updated. All changes and progress are tracked providing an end-to-end view of regulatory change and audit trail for your reporting.

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