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Be informed. Be empowered. Be in control.

SAP GRC dashboard offers a comprehensive and easy-to-understand view of all GRC datasets. Issues can be identified, trends tracked, solutions proposed and data can be analysed to establish preventative measures.

The dashboard offers multiples use cases including Cybersecurity, Access Control and Process Control.

At the core of this suite of innovative solutions is the Deloitte Aggregator, a technology that can process, automatically transform and aggregate significant amounts of data in time frames never imagined before. This eliminates manual inputting, saving time, effort and money.

SAP GRC dashboard uses real time integration, so the process and the platform offer the clearest picture possible to ensure management is informed and empowered to manage, resolve and act with confidence.

Why SAP GRC dashboard?

  • Increase management confidence with real time risks and controls
  • Translates technical data into business insights.
  • Rapidly identify trends and vital information.
  • Streamlined performance and system efficiency
  • Easy-to-understand dashboard interface.

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