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Predict & Sense

Detect and monitor regulatory changes and anticipate compliance requirements

To address pressing issues and critical threats, you need to be able to collect and analyse vast amounts of external data. We monitor and sense the regulatory environment to keep you aware of potential areas of change so you can make smarter decisions for your company.

Through our technology enabled solutions and specialists we:

  • Have access to every regulation that is important to your business, instantly and easily
  • Interpret signals - of both threats and opportunities - more effectively and earlier
  • Get real-time regulatory tracking and mapping of rule changes
  • Have early warning signals to keep you up-to-date on policy changes.

Our Intelligence Report includes connections, trends and insights (inferences) on identified regulatory sensing signals that can be acted upon by management in the near or more distant future.

Get accelerated tracking of regulatory and market trends from the latest conversations on regulatory topics. Our analytical engines quickly ingest and analyse data to uncover correlations and highlight systemic risks, through supervised and unsupervised machine learning as well as automated theme tagging and real-time dashboards.

Receive real-time User Notifications. You will be the first to hear about changes from regulatory authorities, with regulation change alerts and tailored user email notifications to your inbox. Get insights to the right people by assigning impact assessments from each scan to different individuals or groups in your organisation.

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