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Risk Advisory - Deloitte Private

Private Company Risk Advisory services

Many leading private companies understand that risk can be a source of competitive advantage. By managing risk better, these organisations can unleash their full potential, creating and protecting value for stakeholders, including family-owners, entrepreneurs and their investors.  

Today’s business climate is characterised by disruption and volatility. Deloitte Private’s Risk Advisory practice connects trust, resilience and security to help clients create enduring success. We believe in new and different perspectives on risk for the digital age.

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With Deloitte Private’s accounting & internal control services we help clients address issues relating to accounting and financial reporting, risk assessment and efficacy of internal controls systems. From advising clients on treasury and their broader controllership activities through providing stakeholders with value assurance, we help clients thrive moving forward.

Accounting & Internal Controls professionals help clients:

  • Transform the ways the client’s organisation leverages people, third-party relationships, technology, data, business processes and controls to manage operational risks and elevate business performance
  • Manage accounting and financial reporting activities, keep up with emerging regulatory guidance, industry and business developments, develop solutions to data complexities, achieve finance transformation and digital controllership goals and objectives and provide counsel to the client’s Chief Financial Officer and finance organisation
  • Build, manage, augment and transform internal audit functions to increase quality and reduce cost
  • Address key challenges facing treasury organisations
  • Design, implement and test controls that use analytics, automation, artificial intelligence and algorithms to manage risk, help strengthen and continuously monitor control systems from both an effectiveness and efficiency perspective

Deloitte Private’s cyber & strategic risk professionals focus on tackling enterprise-level risks through their life cycle and the risks associated with the reliability and protection of data and associated processes and technology. We help clients:

  • Perform better; solve complex problems so they can build confident, connected futures—for business, for people and for the planet
  • Align cyber risk strategy and investments with strategic business priorities, improve threat awareness and visibility and strengthen the ability to thrive in the face of cyber incidents
  • Become more resilient to crises and the risks that may cause them
  • Manage risk effectively to achieve organisational objectives, minimise threats and maximise opportunity
  • Execute sustainability-led agendas and transformations, to create a more resilient and valuable company and to shape a more sustainable future for all
  • Evaluate and manage the risks associated with extended enterprise or the ecosystem of third parties in which clients operate

Deloitte Private’s regulatory & legal support services help clients manage regulatory compliance, enforcement actions, litigation, disputes, financial crime and other investigation-related matters. Regulatory & Legal Support professionals help clients develop strategies, structures and processes that enable a proactive assessment of regulatory trends and their impacts on business models, as well as assist in aligning business models to a changing regulatory environment and allow clients to improve oversight of regulatory and compliance risk in a cost-efficient manner.