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Cyber Incident Readiness, Response and Recovery (CIR3)

Building trust. Seizing the advantage.

Deloitte’s CIR3 services help you to prepare for, respond to, and recover from cybersecurity incidents with confidence, safeguarding your data, systems and reputation at speed and scale and help you to emerge from an incident stronger and more resilient than before.

Deloitte’s CIR3 Services

Comprehensive, end-to-end solutions to safeguard trust across your business

Cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and more complex, especially for those embarking on complex business transformation journeys. Responding effectively to a cyber incident requires navigating intricate technologies and complex regulations, as well as managing increasingly anxious stakeholders and diverse vendor ecosystems. Being unprepared increases vulnerability and failing to respond swiftly and effectively leads to the potential for extended operational disruption, significant financial impact, loss of customer trust, harm to your brand and legal consequences. Resolving these challenges demands a holistic approach to cyber incident response and cyber incident recovery.

Deloitte’s Cyber Incident Readiness, Response and Recovery (CIR3) offering was specifically designed to address these obstacles and embed trust with your customers, businesses and partner ecosystem. In a converged set of globally positioned capabilities and end-to-end services, we help you to prepare for, respond to, and recover from cybersecurity incidents with confidence, safeguarding your data, systems and reputation at speed and scale. Our deep industry knowledge, market-leading technology, global reach and scale and award-winning network of cyber incident readiness, response and recovery professionals mean you emerge from an incident stronger and more resilient than before.

Here’s a breakdown of what Deloitte’s CIR3 services deliver

The Deloitte CIR3 difference

  • Global scale and reach with 1,300+ professionals in incident readiness and response, including 300+ forensics specialists, plus 1,000s of professionals in incident recovery
  • Integrated crisis communications including access to legal advice from the Deloitte Legal network with 2,500 lawyers across 75+ jurisdictions
  • Cross-functional network of cyber insurance, digital forensics, compliance and post-incident transformation professionals
  • Surge services across the entire lifecycle of an incident - cyber incident readiness, response and recovery - that gets the business back online quickly
  • Depth and breadth of knowledge: not just technical specialists, but trusted business and industry specialists who provide targeted advice to mitigate the longer term business impacts of an incident
  • Deep regulatory, audit and compliance experience to help navigate cross-border complexities
  • Financial risk quantification models and specialists to aid in breach materiality determination for regulatory notification decisions
  • Data-driven insights derived from millions of hours responding to large-scale global incidents to accelerate detection, identification and containment
  • Market-leading technologies and innovation: Deloitte investment in advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence and other business-critical technologies
  • Strong vendor ecosystems, cyber insurance relationships and technology alliances to accelerate response time and minimise impact

Why Deloitte

When you leverage our talent to run your cybersecurity, you get the benefit of the world’s largest security services with more than three decades of experience across industries. 

Deloitte has the deep experience and global reach to address your specific incident needs across your business—from large scale response to large scale transformational programmes that help you to strengthen trust and operate with confidence.

  • Cyber incident resilience across your organisation: Integrate readiness, response and recovery activities seamlessly into your business framework, elevating protection and preparedness
  • Quicker response, faster recovery, reduced business impact: Minimise incident impact, get back to business faster and prevent future business disruptions 
  • Mitigate enterprise risk and financial and operational impact and ensure that you emerge from the breach stronger than before 
  • Enhance confidence in your business and brand: Instil trust in executives, board members, customers, partners and regulators through unwavering certainty and guidance
  • Future-ready innovation and transformation: Right-size innovation and transformation investments to enhance business resilience and outpace evolving threats

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Let’s talk cyber

How is your organisation positioning itself to address today’s and tomorrow’s cyber threats? Discover how Deloitte Cyber services and Deloitte’s worldwide team of industry-focused specialists can support you every step of the way—and help you to respond with confidence no matter what the future brings. Contact us to get the conversation started.