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Analyse & Enhance

Enhance your compliance capabilities

We can do more than help you keep up with the pace of regulatory change. Our solutions are configurable to your requirements so that you receive the right insights at the right time.

  • Our centralised library of enriched content and regulatory obligations is created for your business and is applied with the latest in text mining technology to help deliver quick and smart insight into laws and regulations
  • Always up-to-date so you save time and resources-the library is automatically updated and you will be notified of any relevant changes. Update checklists, assemble and assess all regulatory requirements faster and easier
  • Enable cooperation and knowledge sharing-work collaboratively to take on complex regulations, enhancing regulatory oversight. Create notes, manage discussions and share knowledge within and across teams
  • Our flexible and agile solutions allow users to add interpretation and analysis to their regulatory database
  • Auditable tracking of all the actions and controls you put in place

With the right people and technology, you can control large amounts of data, not overlook anything and provide your organisation with valuable insights.

Track and capture all relevant sources for newly published regulations. We monitor hundreds of sources to enrich your library constantly. You only see regulations that are relevant to you.

Gain insight into laws and regulations by using the latest text mining technology. Quick and smart insight into the connections between laws and regulations, with the use of references, suggestions and topic searching within our Regulatory Universe.

Enable users to add interpretation and analysis to their regulatory database. Enabling social collaboration by allowing teams to interact and share information, enhancing regulatory oversight.