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The CISO’s guide to Generative AI

Opportunities, outcomes and the urgency of now

When it comes to cybersecurity, Generative AI (Gen AI) holds promise for organisations that need to protect themselves, create tools to automate reporting and intelligence, reduce costs, grow more efficiently and sort through the varied and ever-changing regulatory atmosphere.

Gen AI is fast, reasoned and capable of processing more information than a human, offering near real-time incident analysis. It holds an immense potential to fortify your organisation’s cybersecurity, making investigations more efficient and speeding up risk assessments. With proper governance and strategic implementation, cyber leaders can leverage Gen AI to reinforce their organisation against breaches, address talent shortages and develop effective roadmaps for threat detection and response.

Our recently published paper, The CISO’s guide to Generative AI - Opportunities, outcomes and the urgency of now explains how the success of integrating Gen AI into a cybersecurity strategy hinges on two things. First, the organisation’s ability to envision a collaborative intelligence partnership between humans and machines. Second, its adeptness in asking the right questions. Establishing trust in Gen AI’s impact involves thoroughly understanding its capabilities and recognising its power and potential to drive transformative outcomes.

Click here to explore the guide and learn how Gen AI can assist in transforming your organisation’s cybersecurity posture.

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