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Cybersecurity threats and incidents differ by region

Security and business leaders around the world are facing an exponential growth in cyber threats. While compliance requirements continue to evolve, the challenge is to evaluate the best solutions to counter these threats. 

Cyber threats are pervasive and increasingly sophisticated. When successful, they can compromise data, disrupt operations, and damage an organisation’s reputation. Keeping regional observations in mind, organisations can assess and recalibrate their cyber priorities, strategies, spend, and capabilities to drive greater resilience and trust, and protect and preserve long-term value. Read more about this in our latest research Cybersecurity threats and incidents differ by region.

This research is based on the analysis of responses from over 1,110 global executives to our 2023 Global Future of Cyber Survey. It aims to provide an understanding of the trends and differences for cyber threats among the three regions—Americas, EMEA and APAC—when it comes to today’s global cyber threat landscape. Each region has a varying cyber maturity and risk profile, alongside disparate regulatory requirements.

This analysis assesses global cybersecurity threat trends that equip leaders with data to help them tailor cyber strategies based on regional and/or country benchmarks. It highlights the regions and countries that are reporting the greatest cyber incidents, threats that are most prevalent, what impacts are experienced most by each region, and where organisations are seeing the most cyber investment value. We combined this information to help organisations better inform a global cyber strategy as well as provide recommended steps companies can take (by region) to help shore up cybersecurity weaknesses.

Click here to explore the full research analysis.

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