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Climate Change and Sustainability in Focus: A spotlight on Downer

Downer (2022, May 16) “designs, builds and sustains assets, infrastructure and facilities and is the leading provider of integrated services in Australia and New Zealand.” One of the things that makes Downer unique, is that they see sustainability as a differentiator. Their purpose is to create and sustain a modern responsible business. They do this by focussing on their entire ecosystem and how far it reaches society and their community at large. By consistently putting a sustainable environment at the core of what they do, they bring their purpose to life every day, as most people are touched by the Downer ecosystem by simply carrying out their daily activities.

Downer has incorporated climate change in their business decisions and strategies. They look at risks associated with climate change as opportunities–reframing the situation for a positive outcome. They are focussing on the longer-term climate impact by looking at how to make their current products more efficient, with a continued focus on the safety of people and the environment.

According to Paul Dobson, Risk Advisory partner, Deloitte Australia, Downer sees opportunities in this changing world. They look across all of their sectors (roads, rail, light rail, other public transport, power, gas, water, telecommunications, health, education, defence and other government sectors) to reimagine and reframe the future. Their diversity as a service provider has enabled Downer to modify their approach and become a future-ready role model across their many industries and sectors. As new generations are very supportive of sustainability efforts, Downer has also created a key strategy for recruiting and retaining their workforce and improving the lives of the people who work for them. Learn more about how Downer is approaching sustainability.

At Deloitte, our Risk Advisory professionals are helping guide organisations, like Downer, to a more sustainable future. We’re there with you every step of the way—connecting from the very beginning with insight-driven strategy culminating in the impactful transformation necessary for your business to thrive. Connect with our global team to learn more.

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