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Deloitte teams up with LevelTen energy to help businesses transition to renewable energy

The United Nations released its latest IPCC report earlier this month, reinforcing that the world is at a climate change tipping point driven in large part by “human-caused” greenhouse gas emissions. While the report is a stark reminder of potentially what is to come over the next several decades, there is a level of optimism that by acting swiftly and collectively we can slow the rise of global temperatures.

Deloitte Global’s recent climate survey of 750 global business executives further reinforces this perspective. Almost 60% of business leaders surveyed believe the world is at a pivotal moment when it comes to responding to the climate crisis. Yet, they also expressed a sense of optimism as well with 63% agreeing that with immediate action, we can limit the worst impacts of climate change. The survey also showed that the operational impacts of climate events are already affecting more than one in four organisations, which makes this an issue we can no longer table.

LevelTen Energy’s Solution

Amid this mounting pressure to act fast, Deloitte saw a collective need across private and public sectors to source renewable energy, which plays a crucial role in cutting emissions and achieving organizational sustainability targets. We also believe society’s most complex issues, like the climate crisis, require global, collaborative solutions. That’s why Deloitte is teaming up with LevelTen Energy to assist organisations with their transition to a low-carbon future.

LevelTen is one of the world’s leading marketplaces for renewable energy and assets and is an important stakeholder in accelerating the clean energy transition. It’s the leading platform for sourcing renewable energy power purchase agreements —hosting more than 4,000 offerings across 21 countries in North America and Europe. By working with LevelTen, Deloitte firms can offer clients the cutting-edge technology, market access, data and analytics they require to make this transition. Access to the platform will empower our people to help clients discover the right solutions for their low-carbon needs, no matter their timeline or budget. And if pre-existing solutions aren’t a fit, Deloitte firms will have access to more than 500 developers for customised proposals, recognising that unique challenges need to be met with unique solutions.

Keeping ESG in focus

This is not only the right business decision for us, but it’s also the right thing to do for society as employees and consumers expect more from those they work with and purchase from. A survey conducted by LevelTen highlights that “nearly 70% of renewable project developers said they are improving their environmental and social justice practices because renewable energy buyers demand it.” As conversations around Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors continue to advance, it’s important to remember that we need improvements that benefit both our communities and our planet.

Deloitte’s climate commitments go beyond addressing emissions in our operations. We are committed to finding new solutions to old ways of doing business, and influencing and assisting others to act – including our people and clients. Our collaboration with LevelTen furthers Deloitte’s ambition to deliver leading-edge, industry-recognised solutions that brighten our collective future on our path to net-zero.