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Digital factories

A new world of challenges and opportunities is in front of us

The digital revolution is fundamentally changing the industrial landscape. More computing power, high-speed internet connectivity, the proliferation of “smart” devices, robotics, artificial intelligence and data analytics are transforming the operational technologies (OT) used by businesses, a transition that is often referred to as the fourth industrial revolution.

This revolution in OT and the digitalisation of industry control systems (ICS) is turning manufacturing enterprises into “digital factories”. It is providing them with a plethora of benefits – including shorter order fulfilment cycles, more sustainable production processes, higher product quality and lower costs. However, these advances come with new challenges. The rapidly changing OT landscape poses a major cyber security concern for manufacturers. Many are now confronted with the reality of vulnerable legacy systems, putting them at greater risk of increasingly sophisticated and large-scale cyber attacks. As we embark on the fourth industrial revolution, a robust cyber security strategy will protect companies and allow them to pursue their business objectives.

Discover how to remain in control of the risks and take full advantage
of the promises of Digital Factories.

Digital is the new normal

Concept of digital factories

Challenges for leadership

When incorporating security from the beginning in this fourth industrial revolution, cyber security will become the driving force towards new business opportunities. If you would like to discuss any of these matters in detail please do get in touch with your Deloitte partner or either of our risk and cyber specialists.

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