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Chief Legal Officer Program

Preparing the general counsel for the future

Access to the right knowledge, guidance, and peer support can help you seize the unprecedented opportunities in front of you and take your well-deserved seat in the boardroom.

Deloitte’s Chief Legal Officer Program is designed to help the general counsel of today prepare for the challenges of tomorrow, while still seizing the opportunities that come from change and uncertainty.

The programme will help you demonstrate and increase your value to the business through a series of interconnected development and networking programmes. Deloitte leaders use their deep legal knowledge, business experience and vast resources to empower, connect and inform general counsel in distinct and meaningful ways.

From the early stages of your leadership to the pinnacle of your career and the crossroads in between, we offer unwavering support and enriching experiences to help you step into the spotlight and lead confidently.​

Expectations of general counsel are evolving into wider business partnering

Whether you direct a large corporate legal department or lead a small in-house team that relies on outside counsel, you share common challenges. Your role has evolved from dealing with legal events to a requirement to support the wider agenda of business enhancement, through increased integration into the broader business way of working. Requirements for delivering better business outcomes are reshaping your role and responsibilities.​

The fundamentals of your role are still vital—risk management, corporate defence and compliance

But now, your board and key stakeholders across the business are demanding more strategic insights on a range of business decisions and initiatives, all of which is complicated by increasingly litigious culture, digitalisation and business uncertainty and requires specialist skills.​

With uncertainty comes opportunity and visibly to leaders of the legal department

The chief legal officer, along with their peers in risk and HR, is becoming an integral contributor to a company’s management and growth. Together with your teams, you form a powerful function with interconnected and invaluable expertise. You bring value that can help your company not only stay above reproach, but thrive.​

Progress and transformation

Deloitte’s development and transition programmes prepare you to recognise the opportunity that change can bring. We help aspiring and established general counsel acquire the insights, skills and confidence to demonstrate and deliver greater strategic value to their organisations and position their own roles as that of the chief legal officer.​

Next Generation CLO Academy

​Executive learning experience at Deloitte University for high-performing legal executives to broaden their perspectives, enhance leadership capabilities, build a network and prepare for what’s next.​

CLO Executive Transition Lab

​An immersive experience to help newly-appointed general counsel demonstrate value from the start with a personalised approach to their new role. The day focuses on three important resources CLOs must manage effectively during times of significant change: time (personal and organisational time management), talent (legal talent and resourcing models) and critical stakeholder relationships. The CLO Executive Accelerate Lab is also offered to experienced CLOs that want to develop skills or refine their leadership strategy.

CLO Forums​

CLO Forums bring CLOs and GCs together for robust discussions on top-of-mind issues, challenges and best practices in an open and collaborative setting. CLO Forums also provide ample opportunity for networking and connecting with peers.​

Invest in your leadership potential

Take advantage of all that Deloitte’s Chief Legal Officer Program has to offer. Access to the right knowledge, guidance and peer support can help you seize the unprecedented opportunities in front of you and take your well-deserved seat in the boardroom.

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