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iDeal: Get ahead of the competition

Make decisions with confidence and conviction

As the M&A market heats up, decision-making needs to speed up. iDeal lets you go deeper into the data to find the story behind the analytics—while there’s still time to take action. Accelerate your insights when it matters most.

Make decisions with confidence and conviction

M&A data analytics is all about asking - and answering - smarter questions throughout the M&A life cycle. Using iDeal, here are some of the types of questions you could be answering today:


  • What has been the source of this company’s growth? Specific customer segments? Products? Markets? Something else?
  • How well does this company retain its customer base?
  • Where are margin trends negatively impacted by specific products, locations or customers?


  • What is the expected net impact of decisions reflected in our purchase agreement
  • Which risks might we encounter in doing this deal? (Operational risks, critical employees, SKUs, product lines, geographies, etc.)
  • Which employees should be covered by non-compete agreements?


  • Which customer or supplier might we consider renegotiating to achieve cost savings or revenue improvements in the near-term?
  • How are customers responding to the change in ownership? Has our risk profile changed as a result?
  • What are the expected results of changes made to the business after the closing of the deal?

"The use of iDeal on our buyside deals has given us an advantage in reaching deal insights in half the time and with a greater level of confidence than using traditional approach. We get a larger degree of confidence knowing that the granular data of the business has been analysed to support the top-level trends. Recently, iDeal was critical on our buyside efforts in relation to a large wealth management business where third party industry datasets were blended with detailed target financial and operational performance metrics which allowed us to validate our investment hypothesises as we progressed through our IC process. This analysis was quickly updated and kept live throughout the deal as additional reporting months and information was made available".

M&A Client

Game-changing benefits

iDeal's capabilities can generate game-changing benefits for companies when it matters most. Here are a few of the most frequently cited benefits by clients.

  • Get there faster. In M&A, insights are more useful when they are generated in time to affect decision making. With intuitive interfaces and near real-time insight delivery, M&A data analytics have been found to make it easier to generate and leverage insights.
  • Enhance the value of data. Today, many M&A-focussed analytics insights are used for highly focussed moments or decisions. But the value of the data used in these scenarios, combined with data from elsewhere, can have an equally important impact in other phases of the life cycle, such as integration and post-integration.
  • Go deeper. Too often, surface-level data doesn’t convey a broad or deep story. With the ability to analyse micro-level details and correlate them to macro-level decisions, M&A leaders using iDeal should be better equipped to uncover the story behind the numbers.