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Workplace culture and conduct: Challenges and opportunities

Now is the time to act

Workplace culture and conduct are on every organisation’s radar. Deloitte outlines the increasing issues and asks the tough questions for management to diagnose and treat workplace misconduct.

Workplace culture and conduct seem to be on every organisation’s radar, and everyone is asking how they can build work environments that are free of harassment, discrimination and destructive workplace conduct. Leaders who assume this only happens somewhere else—because they believe they have a good culture and they treat their employees well—could be making a dangerous mistake.

Employees feel empowered to speak up and report misconduct issues in the workplace, which can manifest in several forms, including:

  • Sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying and intimidation
  • Insider fraud, including theft, deception and conflicts of interest
  • Absenteeism, insubordination and recurring performance issues

Any one or combination of these issues potentially exposes an organisation to significant—and often irreparable—legal, reputational and financial risks.

In Deloitte’s new perspective, Workplace culture and conduct: Challenges and opportunities, we offer insight into the issues of workplace misconduct and offer suggested solutions for organisations to diagnose and treat these issues.

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