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The road ahead: Four trends shaping the Industrial Products & Construction industry

Insights based on a global report by Deloitte

Today, organisations in the Industrial Products & Construction (IP&C) industry can’t afford to rest on their laurels. To succeed in this swiftly changing business environment, it’s imperative to consider factors like ESG, value-added offerings, geopolitical shifts and talent strategies when planning for growth.

The global IP&C industry is ever changing. Rapid globalisation, technological advancements, shifting consumer preferences and evolving government policies are reshaping the manufacturing, aerospace, defence, engineering and construction industries, exponentially accelerating the pace of competition.

At the same time, barriers abound. To succeed in this era, companies in the IP&C sector must navigate geopolitical climates, inflation, supply chain disruptions, cost pressures and a shortage of skilled talent—while simultaneously uncovering ways to adapt to emerging trends such as environmental, social and governance (ESG) mandates and rising customer expectations. 

In the absence of a clear roadmap, companies striving to prosper must make risk-aware business decisions with the information available to them. This report explores four key trends companies in the IP&C sector should consider in the coming years, including the rise of ESG, from product offerings to solution offerings, a shifting global landscape and the ongoing competition for talent, as well as questions to ask themselves as they fine-tune their current business strategies.

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