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Delivering infrastructure for good

Together we can revitalise, rebuild and reimagine better futures for all.

Infrastructure should enhance outcomes and serve people. From green infrastructure and sustainability to smart technologies and a lifecycle approach, we drive equitable outcomes, minimise risk, accelerate delivery and enhance outcomes for all.

Deloitte supports “Infrastructure for Good” research with Economist Impact and Duke University

Investment in infrastructure can have a transformative power on economies and societies and there’s a critical need to drive awareness of the benefits of smart and responsible infrastructure, to establish what “good” looks like and create a roadmap to enable better decision-making.

Deloitte is a proud supporter of Economist Impact's “Infrastructure for Good” initiative, a research programme exploring what inclusive and sustainable infrastructure looks like and how to support it.  

To encourage prosperity globally, it is critical that governments and countries improve how they prioritise infrastructure and support dialogue between key stakeholders in infrastructure development, investment, private sector participation and regulation. 

With an anticipated US$5+ trillion every year in global economic stimulus and infrastructure spending forecasted annually, the ability to shape the utilisation, prioritisation, security and social impact of these funds is an enormous opportunity and privilege. As such, Deloitte has a responsibility to create equity, possibility and opportunity—and connect citizens with infrastructure that builds better lives. 

Watch the Infrastructure for Good launch event.

Explore our capabilities by these key pillars

From accessing capital and creating social value to informed decision making and planning ahead, we bring the very best minds and solutions from across Deloitte to turn the complex into clear. Discover the many ways we can support you in delivering infrastructure for good.

Explore our capabilities across key sectors and industries

We have a deep understanding of key sectors and their unique challenges towards delivering infrastructure for good. Using innovative methods and applying knowledge across various geographies, sectors and services, we can help incentivise public infrastructure investment, attract private sector participation and meet sustainability and equity goals.

Insights and News

Building for a better world

The Infrastructure for Good barometer does more than rank performance. It provides a roadmap, identifies patterns, shines a light on high performers and illuminates the areas in need of improvement.

Explore the ‘Infrastructure for Good’ hub which hosts the research and a rich collection of videos, podcasts and case studies that explore the nuances of infrastructure for good around the world.

Other ways we can help

Deloitte’s global Infrastructure & Capital Projects team provides comprehensive, integrated solutions across the entire lifecycle of an asset.

Browse the latest and greatest thought leadership from Deloitte Infrastructure, Transport & Regional Government leaders.

Global business offering integrated sustainability, consulting and climate change services that help our clients build a more sustainable future.

Deloitte leverages deep industry knowledge and experience to deliver fresh perspectives on some of your organisations biggest business challenges.