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GovConnect™ Supplier Relationship Management

A smarter, more efficient way to manage both the relationships and the performance of your suppliers in one place

Multitasking. Managing risk. Digging for data. Problem solving. Anyone who works on public sector supply chains is no stranger to complexity—especially if they’re working with dated technology.

The challenges of optimising government supply chains

Public sector entities at all levels of government and in the armed forces are facing rising pressure to modernise their technology and streamline their operations. Disconnected, over-customised and highly manual workflows in supplier management have recently been stress-tested—and many were proven to be inadequate. But standardising and optimising those processes are no small tasks. Public sector supply chain management requires highly complex and specialised workflows that support critical operations, from military deployments to vaccine deliveries and everything in between.

Dive deeper: GovConnect™ Supplier solution overview

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A new solution

GovConnectTM Supplier Relationship Management is a Salesforce-based supplier lifecycle management solution. It functions as a comprehensive digital hub where you can view real-time data, track supplier performance and assess current risk, even on mobile devices.

No more piecemeal processes

Instead of hunting for the data you need in disconnected spreadsheets, buried emails and siloed software, GovConnectTM Supplier brings all your information and workflows into a single, cloud-based platform. It streamlines your processes to make your work more efficient and effective. And with API-led integrations and automatic platform upgrades, you can spend less time swiveling between systems and more time solving problems.

Enhanced risk management

Supply chain disruptions due to recent international trade disputes and the COVID-19 pandemic have elevated risk management to a mission-critical priority for many government and military agencies. GovConnectTM Supplier empowers effective risk mitigation by dramatically improving real-time data visibility and enabling AI/ML-powered trend analysis. It’s a highly customisable platform that can adapt quickly in a world of changing variables.

Performance tracking

Not all suppliers for government agencies are equal and keeping track of who is delivering and who is falling behind can be highly time-consuming. GovConnectTM Supplier includes automated performance dashboards so you can troubleshoot more effectively and prioritise high-performing partnerships.


GovConnectTM Supplier automates the aggregation and reporting of environmental, social & governance (ESG) data across your supply base.

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Key contact:

Bob Tross
GovConnect Supplier for Public Sector Lead
Deloitte Consulting LLP
+1 703 251 1250