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Operate with insight

SupplyHorizon is a data-driven solution that looks beyond generic supplier-centric views of supply chain risk. Receive enhanced intelligence and monitoring of your network operations – using internal and external data, risk profiling, mitigation planning, AI and machine learning to proactively identify and mitigate advanced supply chain issues.

Embed insight into your supply network operations

Global supply networks have never been more complex or subject to disruption. It’s now not just about your systems, processes, and logistics; it’s also about your suppliers’ systems, processes and logistics. And those of their suppliers too. Every tier adds risks—human, environmental, geo-political.

Designed by supply chain professionals for supply chain professionals, the SupplyHorizon platform integrates thousands of relevant data sources, AI, ML and Deloitte experience to deliver next generation insights — embedded in your end-to-end operations and providing greater insight into your supply network ecosystem. You’ll gather greater intelligence on what products and services may be impacted by issues and the broader business implications (e.g., profitability, logistics) to help you anticipate, avoid, and respond to disruption.

The time is now to seize the moment, find competitive advantage and maximise efficiencies by embedding insight into your supply network operations.

SupplyHorizon can help you:

How SupplyHorizon works

  • Better sensing of signals: Sense risks and receive real-time proactive alerts with daily event monitoring and network analytics.
  • Greater operational efficiency: Use advanced network insights to help drive cost optimisation, structural improvements and near-term risk mitigation; act faster than the competition; address margin erosion (lost sales, increased input costs due to disruption); maintain customer service levels; and enhance brand trust (shipping times, product availability).
  • Improved network visibility: Establish deeper network visibility and supply chain map with site locations.
  • A centralised platform and single source of truth: Leverage flexible data source integration and network illumination powered by AI and wraparound Deloitte industry and functional experience.
  • Supplier discovery engine
  • Data ecosystem
  • Real-time alerts (e.g., disruption / status)
  • Advanced company search
  • Supplier dashboards
  • Advanced link analysis
  • Interactive MI dashboard
  • Case / collaboration workflow
  • Cloud hosted

Our cross-functional, domain and industry knowledge and experience on a global level, alongside end-to-end Advise, Implement, and Operate capabilities, help Deloitte deliver differentiating support and a holistic approach to supply network intelligence that augments the technology platform’s core capabilities:

  • Expertise across supply chain and ESG, strategic and cyber risk, regulatory, tax, legal, finance, and other critical functions.
  • Deep supply chain industry expertise – sourced through to consumer.
  • Alliance and ecosystem relationships with leading technology vendors.
  • Differentiating Deloitte proprietary technology and pre-built solution accelerators.
  • Global and local delivery capability.


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Let’s talk SupplyHorizon

Discover how SupplyHorizon, powered by our worldwide team of dedicated supply chain specialists, can you embed insight into your supply network operations. Contact us to get the conversation started.