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Real Estate Advisory

REalise the full potential of your assets

The Real Estate industry is a key driver and a major indicator of economic activity in every country. It is a fundamental element of the economy and society, whether used to satisfy housing needs, as a corporate resource or as a form of investment. Acknowledging the importance of a comprehensive advisory service, at Deloitte we aim to enable our clients to make informed real estate decisions.

Businesses with a presence and activities in the Real Estate industry are constantly called to make complex decisions affected by a wide range of parameters - economic, financial, regulatory, technological and social, to name a few. Our goal is to offer our clients professional, customised and bespoke solutions that will support them to realise the value-added potential from the use of their real estate capital and exploit potential opportunities effectively.

Our team provides a wide range of solutions according to specific personal and business needs or investment criteria and parameters to:

  • Owners (private, companies or developers)
  • Occupiers (of owned or leased properties)
  • Investors (individual, private equity or institutional)
  • Intermediaries (lawyers, insurance companies, lenders, financial consultants, banking institutions)

How we can help:

  • Valuation Services      
  • Development and Investment Consultancy
  • Transaction Advisory Services
  • Real Estate Data & Market Analysis
  • Distressed Real Estate and NPL Portfolio Advisory
  • Construction Advisory 

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