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Corporate and Business Unit Strategy

Winning intent

A fundamental challenge every executive faces is how to leverage instinct, reflex, and speed in responding to market shifts while sticking with an overall “game plan.” The most effective executives navigate the unexpected and unpredictable while keeping a clear business strategy in view.

That focus on strategy is imperative in the face of constant change and upheaval. Strategy is the touchstone that keeps management grounded, employees aligned toward core objectives, and resources allocated effectively. Importantly, a cohesive strategy provides clear assumptions of a company’s view of the future. When new trends or events emerge that are inconsistent with those underlying assumptions, the company can react with agility and address these new factors without impeding forward momentum.


Competitive strategy matters now more than ever in the face of unprecedented levels of volatility, accelerated change, and increasing levels of innovation—each of which can shorten decision-making time frames and the shelf-life of executive actions. An effective strategy aligns competitive positioning in the market with company capabilities and operations. By committing to, communicating and, when necessary, adapting a strategy, senior executives drive the business straight toward its goals and aspirations.