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Private Company Consulting services

Deloitte Private’s consulting professionals can help imagine, deliver, and lead to innovate and transform businesses. We collaborate with entrepreneurs and private businesses to improve and grow through each milestone.   

Connecting innovation, transformation, and leadership

Deloitte Private believes in differentiating the needs of private businesses from those of public companies. Our multi-disciplinary professionals recognise the opportunities and challenges unique to privately held business and family enterprises and believe in building relationships based on loyalty and trust. Deloitte Private works with clients to understand not just the business side, but also the family and ownership dimensions. Our local knowledge, coupled with access to global networks, uniquely positions us to serve businesses. We focus on delivering innovative and effective solutions, from strategy development through implementation.

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Success demands strategies and capabilities that adapt as quickly as the shifting market landscape to support a client’s organisation, anticipate change, and stay two steps ahead. Deloitte Private’s advanced analytics capabilities provide practical insights to inform clients’ strategy for the real business challenges they encounter every day. We work with clients to develop a strategy that helps them remain agile and flexible while still achieving growth ambitions. Our client service team brings data-driven insights and experience to empower private business to take the lead, unlock new value, and drive transformative results.

Customer experience and digital innovation have evolved to become a core business function that is essential to growth and success. Deloitte Private’s design-led innovation team helps clients understand, envision, and articulate digital as a business strategy and implement it across their organisations. We offer mid-market solutions driven by a human-centered design for creating and retaining customers in a digital age. We work with leading mid-market solution providers to enable a seamless digital customer platform for both the client’s team and their customers.

From driving efficiencies to improving service delivery, Deloitte Private’s teams will guide clients to deploy and optimise the right solutions. As budgets change and customer expectations rise, we recognise how important it is for small-to-medium businesses to continue a high-level of product and service delivery while controlling costs. Our professionals leverage industry-leading functional and technical capabilities to modernise clients’ existing technology platforms or design and implement new cloud-based solutions to drive product and service enhancements, improve financial performance, and accelerate speed to market.

Deloitte Private believes in empowering businesses to succeed through their people. It is a simple concept, but it’s not a simple task. When it comes to family enterprises, we start with the family behind the enterprise; and work with clients to articulate their goals before translating these into structural or organisational changes. Deloitte Private’s Human Capital specialists can help clients manage organisational change, family governance, succession planning, and other needs relevant to family enterprises and privately held businesses to build a workplace with your legacy in mind.

Deloitte Private can help businesses navigate the business transformation journey—from strategy, design, implementation, and optimisation of mid-market cloud solutions, using the knowledge and experience of the Deloitte organisation globally. We have developed a wealth of technical skills, strategic vision, and industry insights from implementations in collaboration with solution providers such as Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft ERP, SAP, Workday, and more. Our client service team can help clients implement a full suite of cloud solutions in areas such as enterprise transformation, technology, finance, and supply chain.

Digital in motion 

Digital transformation can be an essential growth strategy for private business leaders. Explore the advantages and key enablers private companies have at their disposal to accelerate this transformation.