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Actuarial, Rewards & Analytics

Deloitte’s data driven analytics service help business leaders make informed decisions to grow revenue, manage risk and capital, reduce operational costs, and design compensation and reward programs to address critical business, financial, and insurance challenges. ARA uses advanced statistical techniques to analyze large quantities of internal and external information to unlock previously unknown, but meaningful, business relationships allowing clients to significantly improve profitability. We work with many of the world’s leading financial services providers in Life, Property & Casualty insurance, as well as with Healthcare plans and providers, and provide rewards advice to organizations from all industries.

1. Actuarial

  • Health
  • Life
  • Retirement
  • Property & Casualty/General Insurance
  • Actuarial Modernization

2. Advanced Analytics & Modeling

3. Compensation & Benefits

4. Mergers, Acquisition & Restructuring

5. Retirement Provider Services

6. Financial Services

Financial Reporting Operations Advisory Regulation Enterprise Risk Management Capital Modeling Asset & Liability Management Corporate Insurance & Risk Management Services Actuarial Technology