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Workday Differentiators for the 2020 Global Human Capital Trends

The Social Enterprise at Work: Paradox as a Path Forward

How can organisations remain distinctly human in a technology-driven world? This year’s Global Human Capital Trends report calls upon organisations to embrace three attributes—purpose, potential and perspective—that characterise what it means to fuse people and technology to perform as a social enterprise at work.

Here we take a look at this year’s Global Human Capital Trends and call out Workday differentiators for each trend. How can Workday help promote belonging across an organisation? How can Workday help improve workforce strategies? Explore these questions and more below.

Key Workday differentiator: Workday provides organisations with solutions that help to create, foster, measure and promote belonging across the organisation, no matter their workspace or role within the organisation.

Key Workday differentiator: Workday is built with the employee at the centre, helping organisations to track, encourage and support employee well-being.

Key Workday differentiator: Workday continues to build technology solutions to support a diverse workforce. Our machine learning driven personalisation empowers our customers to meet every employee where they are -- to surface meaningful opportunities, recognise and reward contributions, and develop and grow connections and their careers.

Key Workday differentiator: Workday People Analytics leverages augmented analytics technology to add automatic capacity to your HR Analyst Team. Workday People Analytics is like having an additional team of specialised digital analysts who do the difficult work of studying patterns throughout the workforce over time to find the “needles in the haystack.”

Key Workday differentiator: Workday has a native knowledge management solution alongside other knowledge sharing functionalities that provides an intuitive experience for providing and sharing knowledge across the organisation.

Key Workday differentiator: Through the new Skills Cloud foundation, Workday enables organisations to rely on a common language of skills, no matter how employees refer to them, by leveraging machine learning to understand, categorise, administer and constantly update the ever-changing skills used across the organisation today. Customers can identify the skills they have, the skills they need and critical skill gaps. This foundation can foster talent mobility by suggesting reskilling and upskilling opportunities such as recommended learning, mentorships, stretch projects or gigs based on career goals and skill interests. This creates an environment of opportunity and agility for the worker and the organisation.

Key Workday differentiator: Workday Total Rewards elevates the compensation experience for everyone. Administrators can easily define packages, plans and programmes using data from Workday and the marketplace for the global organisation. Managers can more easily align employee awards with business objectives and results given the enhanced analytics that harness the rich data set Workday provides. Employees can see on-demand their total rewards package, including compensation and benefits, on the Total Rewards Dashboard.

Key Workday differentiator: Workday delivers a full spectrum of workforce planning, reporting and analytics to help you plan and manage your people for the ever-changing needs of your business. With the same foundation of trusted data, Workday helps you make better workforce decisions faster.

Key Workday differentiator: The Workday Talent Marketplace combines employees and technology to connect them to new career opportunities. Through our Skills Cloud technology and machine learning, employees receive curated job opportunities that help advance their career. They can see their strength matched to an opportunity as well as the skills they can learn and be provided with access to learning content for skills they are missing.

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Leveraging our industry, human capital and finance management insights, the Deloitte-Workday Alliance goes beyond system implementation to deliver end-to-end, high-value, high-touch services for companies seeking true cloud-enabled business transformation. We exist to fuel the future of work and deliver talent and finance capabilities in a digital world. Contact us to learn more.

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