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GlobalAdvantage (GA) 2018 user experience

User experience updates to GA

GlobalAdvantage is a proprietary technology platform which supports Deloitte's delivery of a wide range of expatriate related services and enables mobility professionals to have greater visibility over their organization's global personnel programs.


The GlobalAdvantage integrated infrastructure can facilitate assignments from helping develop a better informed understanding of costs and creating initiations through fulfilment of related services such as tax compliance.

Although the way in which you use the GA suite will not change, these enhancements will enable us to evolve the experience around an interactive, service driven focus while retaining existing features users appreciate.

Some key features being introduced in this initial phase include:

  • Introduction of user-specific "GA Cards" in the "featured section" of the GA Portal. Initially, cards will show items needing user action but content will build over time to include service status and contact information.
  • New left navigation menu replacing the central application tiles.
  • Retirement of the Timeline.

Please see the attached PDF to learn more about this release and be on the lookout for more exciting enhancements coming in the next several months!

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