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The client faced several issues that affected innovation, progression and engagement:

  • Traditional organisational structure and silo-s are challenged in this fast paced dynamic environment
  • Shift in consumer behaviours due to technology disruptions requires ongoing user-centric innovation to stay competitive
  • Changes in generational workforce expectations have evolved to demand meaningful work with a sense of purpose and learning in the flow of life


Deloitte supported through supporting leaders to achieve the following outcomes:

Enabled transparency and flow of communication

Provided platforms for employees to be honest and vulnerable, expressing pain points and sharing feedback to compose organisation’s new culture

Data from organisation-wide surveys were shared and presented for purposes of awareness and acknowledgement

Encouraged cross functional collaboration

Inclusion of members from multiple functions in Culture Hackathons and Mission-based Agile teams enabled knowledge sharing and breaking silo-s

Adoption of agile ways of working

Employees formed self-organised Mission Teams who were empowered, customer focused and actively experimented

Adaptable organisations steward the return of people-leadership.


Benefits included:

Customer centricity resulting in customer focused outcomes

Shifting from what leaders expect to what customers and users want for the right solutions to be created

Innovative ideas to remain competitive

Adopting a culture of experimentation and learning resulted in a higher number of prototyping in weeks instead of months

Start-up like culture enabling growth mindset

Changing ways of working and culture values brought about empowerment, purpose and collaboration across the organisation

The future belongs to the adaptable

Deloitte Adaptable Organisation 2.0

At Deloitte, we help transform your organisation while helping you humanise and put meaning back into work.

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