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Due to changing market realities, customer expectations strong competition, disruptive and regulatory pressures and digital organisations growing exponentially, this organisation’s key personnel hadn't got a digital mindset underpinned by the right ways of working. As a result they sought to build digital-centric, open-minded, experimental and agile mindsets and behaviours required to ensure the organisation had the right capabilities and culture to transform from the inside.


Deloitte embarked on a digital transformation journey, starting with 66 of the client’s key personnels by designing, developing and delivering a 3-month Adaptable learning journey and apply learnings to real business challenges. The process emphasised on Innovation Culture, Collaboration, Talent Strategy, Digital Governance and Decision Making as key actions to deliver the programme.

Adaptable organisations unlock resilient individuals through adaptive talent programmes.


Key activities and projects included:

Developed customer interactions to build 22 real prototypes through quick and scalable experiments

Developed self-awareness of strengths and development areas• Understood new ways of working and capabilities and mindsets required to embrace the digital world

Launched Bootcamps, Trainings, Design Thinking Workshops to enable leader capability to change

Client leaders created an incubator programme to value-add millennials’ work life

“Instant Disposal App” -conceived an app that helps employees reduce low value work

Conducted 10 other experiments.

The future belongs to the adaptable

Deloitte Adaptable Organisation 2.0

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