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The organisations ambition was to create a robust ecosystem for collaboration with local governments and communities, and avoid destruction by reducing illegal deforestation by up to 30%.


Deloitte we engaged to create an operating model across a number of different dimensions including:



Multilateral Institutions


Educational Organisations

This work then detailed a very clear mission statement, strategic ambition and business model underpinned by:

Design Principles

Process Framework

Clustered Required Capabilities to execute process

Interactions between capabilitiy clusters

Required roles and potential partners

Organisation design and cost

A interim operating state.

The target operating model was landscape-led, enabling a tailored approach to landscape-specific context and effective scaling up to 15 landscapes

Adaptable organizations exist in purpose-driven ecosystems.


The operating model led to a clear view on how partners, governments, educational and suppliers could work together to realise the vision of the organisational. The benefits of this work included:

A clear way for the organisation to deliver on strategy, operate and enablement.

A centralised ecosystem to optimise facilitation and interactions between different parties.

Clear definitions of different parties and what capabilities they are required to bring to solve different problems.

A reduction in hand overs and the number of parties involved to deliver outcomes.

The future belongs to the adaptable

Deloitte Adaptable Organization 2.0

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