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DME IFRS 9 Centre of Excellence

Hands-on experience. Unparalleled quality.

Assurance is the insight we provide and the trust our work inspires. We leverage the skillsets of our professionals to enhance stakeholder confidence in client decisions that drive markets and organisations.

The Deloitte Middle East (DME) Credit Centre of Excellence is a hub of senior professionals with a diverse skillset and broad experience in modelling, audit and advisory, offering a wide range of services across the Middle East and Cyprus. Among others, the DME Centre of Excellence serves the largest banks and microfinance companies in the Middle East and Cyprus region.

Our services:

  • IFRS 9 Reviews for Financial Institutions and Corporates
  • Independent credit risk validation of IFRS 9 models
  • F.I.V.E. for Corporates tools
  • Project Management Office Services (PMO)
  • Development of accelerator tools in Excel using Visual Basic for applications (VBA)


Our team has provided extensive IFRS 9 support and implementation services to over 60 banks in the Middle East region, to three out of the five largest banks in Cyprus, with two of these being systemic banks.