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Intelligent Major Capital Projects

Outperform tomorrow with IMCP

A single source of truth to streamline all projects

IMCP harnesses the power of data and timely insights to help organisations deliver projects faster, smarter and with more certainty.


Bridging the data gap in major capital projects

Intelligent Major Capital Projects (IMCP) is an advanced analytics solution that leverages data and industry insights to track near real-time project performance across the asset delivery lifecycle.

Integrates data and information from multiple source systems in order to create a unified and reliable view of a major capital project or portfolio.

Provides a user-friendly portal that can be accessed  from anywhere, supported by robust security features and advanced user access permissions.

Generates dashboards and near real-time insights to empower decision makers in the design, construction and transition to operations of an asset.

Supports a collaborative, digitally-enabled operating model that provides a consistent approach to project performance management and reporting across all parties.


Optimised project performance

Having a single, trusted point of access for project insights delivers countless efficiencies, spanning everything from the timely identification of performance trends to rectifying risks and cost anomalies across functions.

Faster, more informed decisions

Decision makers from diverse teams and organisations have fast access to trusted, timely and intuitive insights to improve confidence in decision making and ultimately enhance project value.

Timely insights & consistent reporting

Increased project visibility across multiple data sources allows you to identify opportunities and risks on the critical path, resulting in faster, more effective contingency and mitigation strategies.

Reusability from project to portfolio

Historical project insights can be leveraged to forecast new projects and enable predictive analytics. This is enhanced by the ability to quickly scale the platform across your full portfolio, significantly improving ROI.

Effective change management

The IMCP team focuses on embedding the solution into daily routines as part of the implementation process, upskilling the workforce and working closely with the team on change management.

Continuous improvement

IMCP is a scalable, flexible solution that can be configured to meet organisational needs. We work on the basis of continuous improvement, optimising data quality and connectivity with each project.


A seamless, secure out-of-box solution

- 7 out of the box dashboards with corresponding data model
- Data residency (in-region)
- Deloitte Cloud Hosted
- Cloud Infrastructure
- Modular configuration
- Self-service provisioning
- Single Sign On
- Multi-factor authentication
- Role-based access
- Multiple users, projects or portfolio of projects
- Multi-layer encryption
- CSV File ingestions
- API integrations with multiple data sources (Additional cost) 

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