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Future Work Trends

The new reality of work is here. Learn how to chart your course to success.

Our world is transforming. From shifting industries and remote work to social unrest and economic uncertainty, it’s time to plan for what the future holds for your business—and for your most valuable asset, your workers.

Deloitte and ServiceNow are helping re-architect work, with human focus at the forefront, so you can thrive today and for years to come.

Thrive in the new reality of work. Deloitte and ServiceNow are here to help.

Organisations who place employees at the heart of their digital transformation today will be the market leaders of tomorrow. Workers are demanding more from their employers—and technology is essential to seizing the opportunity to evolve your organisation. By implementing solutions that improve the worker experience and enhance efficiency, you gain the competitive advantage of a sustainable and productive workforce. At ServiceNow and Deloitte, we unite technology and human capabilities in a way that no one else can, helping companies develop a holistic workforce strategy that turns insights into intelligence and intelligence into action.

The rules of the game have changed. In this moment of choice and consequence, it’s critical to set a bold destination for the next horizon. Our special report presents four likely futures and the approaches that help organisations succeed in retaining and motivating top talent to drive bottom-line performance. Because we’re focused on helping you thrive—no matter where the future leads.

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The four futures of work

To harness the workforce’s full potential, a “one-size-fits-all” workplace strategy just doesn’t cut it. As an example, organisations will need to adapt to their future strategies to account for the changing relationship between worker and employer. These four scenarios illustrate how the world of work could evolve—and how organisations can rise to the challenge.

In this constantly changing reality—where talent is in short supply—the latest trends rule all as employers chase worker sentiments, competitor actions and market-place dynamics. Companies respond in the moment and are reactive to trends, without connecting those actions to a sustainable workforce strategy. To succeed in a “work as fashion” future, you need to know how to differentiate the worker-employer relationship in a sustainable way.

Shifting attitudes around work create an environment in which workers no longer seek personal and social fulfilment through their jobs. Employees care about their work, but strive to perform well because it provides a means to pursue outside-of-work opportunities. In this future, organisations should consider how to motivate their workers—and we have some ideas to help.

Talent is abundant and competition is stiff between workers in this impersonal scenario, regardless of the quality of the employer-employee relationship. Employers view workers as interchangeable and easily replaceable in the “competition between talent” future. Don't forget that employees deliver more value when they are respected and invested in.

In this scenario, both workers and employers are driven by a common sense of purpose—it’s the inverse to “work is work.” The employer-employee relationship is communal, with both sides viewing their shared goal as the most important tie that binds them together. Workers feel like they have a meaningful voice and that their contributions are vital to the company’s success. In this future, employers need to know how to nurture that sense of purpose.

Explore the future work trends to set direction for your organisation and unleash your workforce’s potential. Learn how to thrive in the new reality of work

Navigating through the evolving worker-employer relationship

Get insights from our panel of experts as they delve into the evolving, changing nature of the worker-employer relationship.

Examining major shifts

Listen in as Erica Volini, Senior Vice President of ServiceNow and co-author of the new special report, breaks down the major shifts in the workforce, the workplace and work itself.

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