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Future of Mobility™

Leadership contacts

Deloitte's Future of Mobility leaders bring extensive experience and backgrounds in manufacturing, automotive, public sector, strategy and consumer products. Together they are leading Deloitte's eminence in this evolving, fast-paced environment.

Scott Corwin
Deloitte US Managing Director | Future of Mobility

Scott, a managing director with Deloitte Consulting LLP, works closely with leaders across a wide range of industries to successfully develop and implement strategy-based transformations, specifically around globalisation, advanced R&D/technology innovation and new business models, among others. He also leads Deloitte’s Future of Mobility initiative that aims to systematically explore different scenarios about the potential evolution of the extended automotive, transportation and mobility ecosystem.

Mark Gardner
Principal | Deloitte US

Mark has over 28 years of experience in industry and management consulting. Within Deloitte Consulting LLP, he leads the overall Global Industries program while also serves as the Consumer & Industrial Products global consulting industry leader. Mark has served manufacturing clients across the globe and has extensive experience in strategy development, operations improvement, business transformation and information technology implementation. Mark has led the development of data analytics solutions for the automotive industry and is a global leader of Deloitte’s Future of Mobility initiative, which includes Deloitte’s mobility services and offerings related to the evolving automotive and transportation ecosystems.

John Skowron
Global Consulting Public Sector Leader

John has more than 25 years of experience in industry and management consulting. Within Deloitte Consulting LLP, he serves as the Global Public Sector leader for Consulting. John is responsible for accelerating Consulting’s Public Sector global network by building the key foundations required to effectively deliver impactful work for our Public Sector clients. Working across Consulting’s global network, John leads the establishment of strong, coordinated global leadership teams and drives the development and execution of global Public Sector strategies.

Philipp Willigmann
Deputy Leader, Future of Mobility

Philipp is a senior manager in Monitor Deloitte's Strategy & Deloitte's Future of Mobility™ (FOM) practice focused on corporate strategy, business unit disruption, growth and business transformation across capital intensive and infrastructure heavy industries such as automotive, industrial products, technology and transportation.

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