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Deloitte Trusted faces

Trust is precious, hard to win and easy to lose. That’s what business leaders told us when we asked them about their experiences of Trust in their organisations, why it’s important to them personally and professionally and the role they play to protect, nurture and grow it.

Trusted faces is focused on exploring and unpacking all aspects of Trust - what it is, why it matters and to whom and how to embed it for success. We interviewed leaders to gather their perspectives on Trust - ranging from Government and citizen interactions, to employers and their employees, to the role of the Board, technology and brand - across different industries, with different lenses. How to recover from mistakes and lessons learnt along the way were explored. At a time where (mis)information is omnipresent, individual perceptions reign supreme and digital security and data privacy are constantly under threat. It’s only when leaders and organisations position Trust as a strategic priority—managing, measuring, investing in and acting upon it—that they can ultimately build it as a critical asset and forge ahead with confidence.

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