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Work and workforce strategies

Re-architecting work to accelerate the future of work

But, re-architecting work during COVID-19 is about more than just increasing productivity. It’s about achieving greater work outcomes and creating better experiences for customers and employees. And, it means redesigning jobs and changing the composition of your workforce to adapt to the changing business environment.

Accelerating the future of work.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how—and where—work gets done. Projects are taking longer. Remote work challenges are stifling teaming and productivity. Learning and development opportunities are tougher. Talent acquisition and onboarding new employees is more complicated. The mix of the digital and physical workplace is shifting.

You need to act swiftly and adopt the necessary changes today, to reimagine work, workforce, and workplace, so you can thrive tomorrow.

Let’s get started.

We believe in approaching work and workforce strategies by addressing three key challenges:

What do you need to do to ensure that your employees return safely back to work?

As your company prepares to reopen the workplace, there are several considerations for getting back to work:

  1. Adherence to stricter workplace health measures
  2. Regulatory requirements to bring workers back to work
  3. Workforce circumstances that may necessitate flexibility

Explore our suite of return-to-work analytics solutions:

  • Re-Entry Scenario Planning
  • MyPathTM to Work
  • Workplace Policy Refresh
  • Workforce Insights Survey Tool

Work and workforce strategies in action

No matter where your business is on the journey of rebounding from COVID-19, we have strategies to help solve your work, workforce, and workplace challenges. Combining people analytics, workforce insights, and deep Human Capital expertise, we can help you transform how—and where—work gets done.

Explore two approaches in our featured videos:

Virtual work solutions

Amid COVID-19, what are the considerations for managing high-performing virtual teams, increasing productivity, and maintaining connections across the enterprise?

How do you adapt leadership, culture and organisation to build an agile digital workplace and create high-performing virtual teams?

As the impact of technology makes remote work more accessible, you and your teams need to adapt. By utilising the advantages of virtual collaboration tools, you can increase productivity, foster resiliency, and move towards becoming a workplace of the future, today.

We have tools that can set your virtual teams up for success:

  • Team Effectiveness Diagnostic
  • Strategic Communications
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Virtually There
  • Adaptable Organization Network Analysis (AONA)

Return-to-work considerations

During COVID-19, what should you know about minimizing workforce safety risks and improving productivity in the workplace?

How can you transform the work you do to optimize productivity and growth to thrive in this new normal?

COVID-19 has rapidly disrupted the way we do business. So, how can you shift your business models to re-architect work? And, how can you enhance the employee experience, manage a mix of human and tech capabilities, and give people the tools to work remotely?

Positioning your workforce to be more resilient at coping with uncertain times can help you thrive.

Explore how we do it:

  • Future of Talent Optimization (FOTO)
  • Internal Talent Marketplaces
  • Virtual Work
  • Needs to be created: Re-Architect Work

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