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Negotiate more flexible financing terms with lenders

Business continuity & financing | Respond: Prepare for and manage continuity

Negotiation support for lenders


Addressing liquidity needs

For most companies, the revenue lost during the COVID-19 crisis represents a permanent loss and is putting sudden, unanticipated pressure on their working capital lines and liquidity. Lenders are going to be asked to provide additional support to borrowers through covenant relaxation and new money. In certain cases, the scale and urgency of the funding requirement will be substantial. This article discusses how lenders, both existing and new, will need information to make educated decisions throughout these negotiation processes.

Topics covered in this article include:

  • Assessing the nature of a breach and its potential to impact audit signoff
  • Understanding the scale and duration of any new money ask and its terms
  • Ensuring the ask is independently tested and seeking out innovative solutions

Navigating the impact of COVID-19 on contractual obligations


Claims & dispute resolution

This piece explores how businesses can identify, assess and manage the risks of disruption due to COVID-19 by surveying the effects of potential disruptions along the supply chain, strain on commercial relationships and the increasing risk of failing to meet contractual obligations. Whatever the circumstance, it is important that businesses are thinking ahead to be in a state of readiness to resolve contractual challenges or navigate contentious scenarios to protect the future of the business and preserve important commercial relationships during this time.

Insight and lessons:

  • Put in place a structured mechanism
  • Contractual obligations
  • Underperforming contracts
  • Failing to meet contractual supply obligations
  • Changed context for a transactional contract

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