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Digital Investments and Regional Priorities

An overview of the ambitions, technologies and value expected from digital transformation across regions

Global leaders are actively considering what types of digital transformation strategies to employ, in which technologies to invest and for what return. Digital transformation is often quite specific to strategy, sector context and shareholder expectations and can make it a challenging task. That said, views at a macro scale can help demystify - by region, by tech, by type of digital transformation. 

This Deloitte research provides a common criteria for organisations to consider when assessing their digital maturity against global organisations, based on survey data from over 1,600 global leaders. The research extends that global assessment frame to six countries: the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Australia. 

Among global respondents, we found: 

  • 51% of their spend on digital initiatives is focused on “using or integrating digital technologies for fundamental change”.
  • 32% of global respondents attribute medium and high enterprise value (31% or more) to their digital initiatives.
  • Data analytics, AI and machine learning and cloud technologies have the strongest spend-to-value ratio, when we asked respondents to tell us which tech investments, they believe are generating value.
  • Classic digital transformation measures dominate, with productivity leading the charge.
  • Most global organisations are using annual timelines for assessing their digital transformation value. 

However, each country has its own strengths and weaknesses related to digital spending and capability investments, enterprise value gains and adoption of value-driving edge strategies. 

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