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The foundation of a trusted advisor

Measurement and reporting is one of the best ways to share stories with Deloitte’s key stakeholders, such as clients, workforce and regulators. Reporting is a means to illustrate progress, demonstrate leadership through actions, and provide transparency on key operations and governance models.

Deloitte’s approach to reporting

Deloitte has kept up with stakeholders’ rising expectations for sustainability disclosure by issuing annual global reports using internationally recognised frameworks from the Global Reporting Initiative and the UN Global Compact. Stakeholders are continually engaged in order to shape the content of Deloitte’s reports.

Case studies

Take a closer look at our most recent Deloitte network reports.

  • 2016 Global Impact Report
  • 2016 Member corporate responsibility and sustainability reports
  • 2016 GRI Index
  • 2016 Reporting process
  • 2016 UNGC Communication on Progress
  • 2016 Stakeholder table
  • 2016 CDP carbon questionnaire

Research and insights

Explore Deloitte member firm thought leadership on reporting and transparency.

  • A Director’s Guide to Integrated Reporting
  • Sustainability disclosure: Getting ahead of the curve

Deloitte member firm reports

Member firm reports provide context and insights on local impacts and actions. Discover more about the Deloitte network through a sample of member firms reports.

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