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ARIS Summer Bootcamp

Turning GenZ into entrepreneurs

At ARIS, we believe that teenagers need to experience entrepreneurialism. As a result, we designed a 1-month acceleration programme during which teenagers can learn how to convert their ideas into business ventures.

Through intensive training, participants develop an understanding on the lean startup methodology, pitching techniques and prototype development that assist them to conceptualize their business ideas. The bootcamp aims to educate, train and empower the next generation of entrepreneurs so that they become change-makers who lead productive, fruitful and purposeful ventures, serving others and making our world a better place.

The Summer Bootcamp is a spin off from the usual 6-month acceleration programme of ARIS and its objectives are to assist young entrepreneurs in:

  • Identifying problems and coming up with viable business opportunities;
  • Understanding users’ needs and analyzing the market context;
  • Formulating a business model canvas;
  • Preparing the visual communication to pitch their idea in front of potential investors.


Step 1: Defining an idea

In order to assist teenpreneurs in designing the best solution possible, we introduce them to brainstorming techniques and the design thinking methodology to enable them to clarify their idea.

Step 4: Validating assumptions

Utilising research findings, we assist young founders to validate their assumptions regarding their idea proposition in order to assess whether there is a real need for the product/service they are proposing.

Step 2: Researching the problem

Through the use of qualitative & quantitative research methods, we guide them to understand the needs of their potential customers.

Step 5: Designing the prototype

After the validation phase, we introduce teenpreneurs to the prototype development process and teach them how to design their first prototype.

Step 3: Creating a business model canvas

We expose teenpreneurs to all the latest tech trends (ie. Cybersecurity, AI, Blockchain etc.) and we help them develop their very first business model canvas. 

Step 6: Pitching the idea

Acknowledging the importance of presentation skills, we provide pitching training and help teenpreneurs to create their very first pitch deck.



The Bootcamp was launched for the first time in July 2018, and hosted two teams:  

  • Fallify, which explored the potential of creating a wearable device to detect when an individual has fallen down so as to notify the family or medical staff for help and
  • MadeSimple, which worked towards the creation of a community driven platform targeting anyone who wants to improve any aspects of their life, by gaining knowledge, experience and guidance from other users.

For more information or if you’d like to participate in the next bootcamp please contact us at:

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