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Embracing Finance as the Next Logical Step into ERP Cloud at ChristianaCare Health System

The healthcare industry's rapid evolution demands adaptable solutions for managing its complexities. ChristianaCare Health System, a Delaware-based healthcare provider with over 13,871 employees, sought to overcome operational constraints posed by its outdated on-premise system. By implementing Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) and Workday Payroll, the organisation aimed to enhance HR services. This case study explores ChristianaCare's shift towards cloud-based solutions, focusing on the implementation of Workday Financial Management.

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Breaking Free from On-Premise Constraints

As a pioneering healthcare provider, ChristianaCare recognised the urgency of agility in a dynamic industry. Its legacy on-premise system limited its adaptability and efficiency. To address this, the organisation sought to modernise its financial operations by embracing cloud technology.


Embracing the Cloud with Deloitte's Expertise

Leveraging the success of its prior collaboration, Christiana Care engaged Deloitte for the implementation of Workday Financial Management. This solution extended beyond software installation; it demanded a comprehensive overhaul of financial processes to harness the system's capabilities effectively.

Key steps

Process Revamp: The organisation assessed and redesigned financial processes to align with its evolving needs.

Streamlined Chart of Accounts: By reducing entries from 3,000 to under 200, ChristianaCare optimised its chart of accounts using Workday's innovative features.

Integrated Financial Data Model: A new model was designed, integrating financial data with existing HCM data.

Performance Scorecards: Utilising Workday, executive scorecards were established for real-time performance tracking against budgets and targets, accessible on both mobile and desktop platforms.

Change Management: Successful adoption necessitated effective change management, requiring transparent communication, adaptability and a proactive learning approach.


Unveiling the Power of Analytics

ChristianaCare's journey into cloud technology does not end with Workday Financial Management. Plans include implementing Workday Prism Analytics, unlocking insights into the cost of care, patient demographics and payer classifications.


The ChristianaCare Health System case exemplifies the feasibility and advantages of cloud-based finance solutions. Through this transition, the organisation achieved operational efficiency, cross-functional collaboration and the potential for continuous improvements. Beyond initial goals, the project laid the groundwork for future advancements, showcasing the transformative potential of cloud-based platforms in the healthcare sector.


Operational Efficiency

Manual interventions were reduced as team members gained the ability to adjust the system directly to accommodate business changes.

Enhanced Collaboration

Improved inter-departmental collaboration among IT, HR and Finance resulted in heightened efficiency and service delivery.

Future-Ready Processes

The project's success lay in implementing processes aligned with a vision of optimisation, pushing for process improvement rather than mere acceptance of the status quo.

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