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Work Re-Architected Video Series

In this series, we catch up with Deloitte, ServiceNow and industry leaders to discuss the latest trends affecting businesses globally and how these organisations are making an impact that matters. This, is Work Re-architected.

Episode 1: Asish Ramchandran and Teresa Briggs

Join Deloitte’s ServiceNow Chief Commercial Officer, Asish Ramchandran and ServiceNow Board Member, Teresa Briggs as they discuss the importance of technology investments in an uncertain market, the productivity challenge, generative AI, cyber security and more.

Join Deloitte’s Enterprise Performance and Emerging Enterprise Platforms leaders Abdi Goodarzi and KK Dave for a discussion on how to unlock business value from the SAP platform and optimise enterprise performance. Discover the current challenges faced by ERP clients and the benefits of using ServiceNow to simplify ERP processes and improve productivity.

Join Deloitte's Global ServiceNow Sustainability, Climate & Equity Leader, Saurabh Dubey and ServiceNow's VP of ESG & Finance Strategy, Edua Dickerson for their insights on modern day sustainability challenges and approaches. Tune in for a lively discussion on measurement & reporting, setting shared objectives, empowering behavioural change through technology and how the ServiceNow platform is helping organisations reach their net-zero goals.

Join Deloitte's UK ServiceNow Financial Services Director, Larry Larmeu and ServiceNow's Global Head of Financial Services Go-to-Market, Keith Pearson as they discuss the complex challenges financial services institutions are facing. An accumulation of diverse tech tools have over-complicated operations and inhibited growth. Learn how they believe these organisations can simplify and consolidate technology architectures while keeping humans at the centre to drive critical transformation.

Join Deloitte's ServiceNow Workforce Experience Leader, Gary Cole and ServiceNow's SVP of Employee Workflows Products, Gretchen Alarcon as they discuss the ever-evolving workforce landscape and the challenges today's employees face as a result. Learn how technology, like generative AI, is poised to revolutionise the way organisations operate and gain a glimpse into a future where AI-driven innovations harmonised with human expertise lead to a more agile, adaptable and efficient workforce.

Join Deloitte's ServiceNow Healthcare Industry Lead, Cameron Douglas-Savage and Gold Coast Hospital's Medical Director for Digital Informatics, Adam Brand as they explore current challenges faced by healthcare leaders and how leveraging digital workflows can improve both the patient and clinician experience. Learn how Gold Coast Hospital is utilising ServiceNow to bridge the gap between clinical and administrative processes, revolutionising healthcare delivery with a lean, efficient approach.

Five 2023 workflow automation trends reshaping the future

To help leaders across industries and geographies as they take on emerging challenges, we’ve identified five oncoming workplace trends, who will be most affected by each and how Deloitte and ServiceNow can help organisations take action with speed, scale and insight.