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Drive Value from GenAI—and Beyond

Deloitte and ServiceNow's 2024 Workflow Automation Outlook charts the path to maximising tech investments in a transformative era.

Building a foundation for what’s next

Deloitte and ServiceNow identified five workflow automation trends and a roadmap to navigate rapid change in 2023.

Then, GenAI unleashed new innovations faster than we ever could have imagined. In 2024, you must make the right GenAI moves to avoid the hype—and discern what drives value and what’s just noise.

By staying ahead of these five trends, you can propel your business into the future:

  • Tap the human element of AI to win stakeholder trust and support
  • Invigorate your digital core to modernise your infrastructure, systems and tools
  • Protect data with confidence and lead the cybersecurity charge 
  • Innovate in your industry to solve tough challenges 
  • Unlock value from the next generation of managed services to translate tech into ongoing business value

Move from GenAI vision to business value

Each trend covered in this outlook plays a role in creating sustainable, long-term value for companies. The value map shows the value being driven by each of the 2023 and 2024 trends across the enterprise across four dimensions: revenue growth, operating margin, asset efficiency and expectations.

Turn your AI vision into long-term value with Deloitte and ServiceNow.

The GenAI revolution is here

It’s time to step boldly into the new era of AI. We've identified five trends shaping the future of business.

Discover how Deloitte + ServiceNow are putting GenAI to work to tackle complex industry challenges

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Learn how Deloitte & ServiceNow help organisations unlock business value by charting a path to maximise your tech investments.

“Don’t risk missing the bigger picture with a singular focus on GenAI. Most good business strategies are tied to diversification and mastering the fundamentals—and now more than ever, organisations should look to deliver enterprise wide wins to support revenue growth while managing operating margins.”

Asish Ramchandran, Chief Commercial Officer, ServiceNow Alliance, Deloitte Global