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Building a more resilient enterprise

Insights on the top SAP® technology trends 2021

As a complement to Deloitte’s Tech Trends 2021 publication, this report examines several important trends in the context of SAP® solutions—providing a crucial perspective on today’s technology macro forces and how your business can navigate them.

Many businesses began 2020 with big plans and a sense of enthusiasm—only to see it unravel as the COVID-19 crisis spread across the globe. More than a year later, a renewed sense of optimism has taken hold as vaccines roll out, restrictions loosen and more face-to-face activities take place in both our personal and business lives. As industries shift to the “next normal,” however, many enterprise leaders recognise that the world has been permanently changed by the pandemic—and that businesses must create more resilient supply chains, workforce experiences, customer experiences and more.

The pandemic provided a hard lesson on the need for the built-to-evolve enterprise—the Kinetic Enterprise™—capable of responding at the speed of disruption, innovating with impact and thriving in the face of constant change.

Seeing what lies ahead
Achieving the built-to-evolve vision will depend on a keen understanding of emerging technology trends—so you can leverage the latest intelligent technologies, cloud solutions and other capabilities to build a more resilient organisation.

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