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Industry cloud solutions

Kinetic Microservices for the ‘built to evolve’ enterprise

All industries today require more than cloud capabilities. They require industry-specific cloud capabilities. As SAP launches its SAP Industry Cloud strategy, Deloitte stands ready with a host of industry-specific cloud solutions—as part of Deloitte’s Kinetic Microservices portfolio.

Building on more than three years of industry cloud innovation by Deloitte, Kinetic Microservices expand on more than 60 existing ready-to-deploy and as-a-service offerings targeting industry-specific business challenges, such as AI-enabled risk sensing, as well cloud-enabled core business modernisation needs and automated ‘lights out’ finance capabilities.

Kinetic Microservices provides a rich library of innovations—including industry apps and core extensions enabled by SAP Industry Cloud. This growing portfolio of solutions provides foundational capabilities that can help organisations on their journey to becoming a more responsive, “built to evolve” Kinetic Enterprise™—supported by a clean core, cloud, intelligent technologies and an inclusive ecosystem of capabilities.

Kinetic Microservices

With Kinetic Microservices, you can begin to realize a “core to edge” architecture that combines the best of SAP ERP, through Deloitte’s next-generation preconfigured core assets, with industry-specific cloud apps and core extensions.

Kinetic Microservices leverage cloud computing architecture, machine learning, robotic process automation and other advanced technologies to help you rapidly transform your business and respond at the pace of disruption.

To help organizations quickly build the foundation they need today, Kinetic Microservices also encompass digital enablement capabilities such as Kinetic Finance Startup (a cloud- and AI-enabled finance transformation accelerator) and Selective Transformation (an AI-enabled ERP cloud migration offering)

With this portfolio of solutions, organisations can see their data more clearly, get more meaningful insights, streamline their business processes and intelligently automate more aspects of their business—laying the groundwork for broader innovation and value with industry-specific cloud apps and core extensions.

Ready to reimagine everything with industry cloud capabilities and SAP solutions? A conversation with Deloitte is a great place to start.

Connect with us today to schedule a deo of Kinetic Microservices and learn how Deloitte’s 30-plus years of collaborating with SAP has given us an edge on industry-specific innovation. Find out for yourself why our worldwide team of 25,000 SAP-focused specialists keeps bringing home major recognition—including 2020 SAP® Pinnacle Awards as SAP S/4HANA® Partner of the Year and SAP S/4HANA® Cloud Partner of the Year.