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RISE with SAP | Joint Reference Architecture

Transforming the enterprise with SAP solutions brings big questions about “how”—especially when it comes to solution architecture, technology infrastructure and systems integration.

A digital ecosystem blueprint designed for impact

You may have already answered many of transformation’s big “how” questions—for example, how you should rely on cloud solutions to operate more efficiently and innovate rapidly, how you will build seamless and irresistible customer experiences, how you will turn finance and procurement into generators of value through real-time, data-driven insights.

But how will you connect all the pieces to create an integrated ecosystem for accomplishing all the things you have planned—to enable and connect all the big “how” projects that, in turn, will free you to focus more on the “why” of your business?

Built to support the Kinetic Enterprise

To help organisations decisively answer questions about how and get back to why, Deloitte and SAP have developed a Joint Reference Architecture—providing a comprehensive blueprint that can help you solidly build the disruption-ready enterprise, the Kinetic Enterprise.

For businesses embarking on the RISE with SAP journey, Deloitte and SAP’s Joint Reference Architecture can decisively address foundational needs and help accelerate value—taking the legwork and the guesswork out of IT framework development, systems mapping, solution specifications and guidelines. The architecture also has been specifically designed to align with boost by Deloitte, which provides a single SAP subscription and set of Deloitte advisory, implementation and operations services—to help organisations accelerate their RISE with SAP.

Deloitte and SAP’s Joint Reference Architecture includes six essential layers, covering needs from core ERP modernisation to customer experience. And each layer is designed to support your ability to enable the built-to-evolve Kinetic Enterprise—a disruption-ready, cloud-enabled enterprise operating with a clean core, intelligent technologies, responsive solutions and an inclusive ecosystem of capabilities

Layers of integrated value

The layers of the Joint Reference Architecture include Deloitte assets and services—as well as SAP solutions such as SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Technology Platform—at every level. The architecture layers include:

Layer 0 | Core Infrastructure | Responsive

SAP solutions on any premises—including the major cloud hyperscalers

Layer 1 | Business Processes | Clean

Layer 2 | Data-to-Value | Intelligent

Layer 3 | Integration | Inclusive

Layer 4 | Extensibility | Intelligent

Layer 5 | User Experience | Inclusive

Designed to elevate the human experience for users, with architecture designed for SAP Fiori, SAP Business Application Studio, SAP Analytics Cloud, Qualtrics® Experience Management, and other SAP and non-SAP solutions

Worry less about how

With the Joint Reference Architecture by Deloitte and SAP, you can think less about how to put together all the pieces of the built-to-evolve Kinetic Enterprise on your RISE with SAP. The Joint Reference Architecture provides a detailed design and set of instructions that allows you to build a future-facing digital organisation with more confidence—and with flexibility.

Focussed on SAP solutions, the architecture also allows you to transform at your own pace, adopt industry-specific solutions, select the cloud infrastructure that suits your organisation best and incorporate enabling solutions beyond the SAP ecosystem.

Anchored in experience—and reality

As the first global SAP partner to collaborate with SAP on a Joint Reference Architecture for RISE with SAP, Deloitte leverages a long history of industry-specific innovation with SAP and SAP customers—one that extends back more than 30 years. It’s one of the big reasons Deloitte continues to earn recognition from analysts and top honours from SAP—including the SAP Pinnacle Award as SAP S/4HANA Partner of the Year (Large Enterprise) for 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020 and 2021. Deloitte also earned the 2021 SAP Pinnacle Awards as Delivery Excellence Partner of the Year.

The Joint Reference Architecture is far more than a thought exercise. It’s a real-world asset—a powerful, tested playbook that Deloitte clients across the globe are already using for their SAP-enabled transformations. And it is one that that has been developed using leading practices based on Deloitte’s industry-leading work with SAP customers.

Let’s talk

If worrying less about how and getting back to your business why is a priority for your organisation, we should talk. Contact us to learn how the Joint Reference Architecture by Deloitte and SAP can help simplify your RISE with SAP. We can provide a detailed look at the layers of the architecture or schedule a demo of end-to-end solutions enabled by the architecture. We can also share more information on how you boost by Deloitte plus the Joint Reference Architecture can support a swift and sound RISE with SAP journey.