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Product life cycle management plus ERP

Rapid integration for Siemens Teamcenter PLM solutions and SAP S/4HANA®

Transform your business with an end-to-end digital thread that enables digital product development, manufacturing, commercialisation and service by fully integrating your ERP and PLM processes. Deloitte can help you get maximum value from your investments in technology—with a preconfigured solution that allows you to accelerate innovation, boost productivity, increase flexibility, optimise design transfer and enable effective product sustainment and change control cycles.

Product lifecycle management (PLM) systems and ERP systems often operate in their own silos—leading to tedious manual processes, a lack of cost transparency, budgeting challenges and a slower pace of innovation. A lack of integration between PLM and ERP systems can also compound compliance challenges and risk.

SAP and Siemens are looking to break down the silos and bring ERP and PLM closer together—especially when it comes to the value of Siemens solutions, including Teamcenter®, working in unison with SAP solutions, including S/4HANA®. The two companies have teamed up to more closely integrate their technologies and deliver integrated and enhanced solutions for PLM, supply chain, service and asset management.

Teaming up for value
Deloitte can help you tap in to new value at the intersection of SAP ERP and Siemens PLM technologies. For more than two decades, Deloitte has been working with clients across industries to deploy SAP and Siemens solutions in harmony—allowing us to develop preconfigured solutions for integrating Siemens Teamcenter with the SAP S/4HANA digital core ERP and other SAP technologies.

By working with Deloitte to leverage these preconfigured solutions, you can quickly build an integrated PLM-ERP environment for boosting process efficiency and productivity, helping your organisation operate as a more intelligent and responsive Kinetic Enterprise™—built to evolve at the speed of change.

  • Create an end-to-end digital thread for enabling Industry 4.0 capabilities
  • Accelerate innovation
  • Increase productivity and flexibility
  • Optimise design transfer
  • Enable effective product sustainment and change control cycles

The Deloitte difference
Deloitte has been working for years to help client ensure that SAP and Siemens solutions “dance” together. But we are more than technology integrators. In addition to our extensive experience with Siemens and SAP technologies, we bring a host of capabilities to any client engagement.

A focus on business outcomes. Our “business first” approach to transformation helps ensure that new technologies align tightly with your processes—with how you operate—and with your business goals.

Industry-specific capabilities. When it comes to PLM, Deloitte has a roster of satisfied clients across industries—from life sciences to automotive. We pride ourselves on understanding both the big things and the small things that matter to your business, incorporating proprietary solutions such as our IndustryPrint process modelling tool to enable industry leading practices and end-to-end process standardisation.

Supply chain specialists. When you work with Deloitte to transform PLM, you get access to our worldwide bench of specialists in digital supply chain transformation and supply chain network optimisation.

Intelligent enablement. Our strength in SAP solutions for the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), blockchain, digital twin capabilities, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and intelligent automation also sets us apart.

Global services. Our corps of 25,000 SAP specialists spans across the world, with many of them working daily at the intersection SAP and Siemens technologies. These professionals are providing a range of services across the “advise, implement, operate” spectrum—from business consulting to technology integration to documentation and training to managed services to change management. This team drives client results daily—and is the reason Deloitte received two SAP® Pinnacle Awards for SAP S/4HANA in 2020.

Potential benefits in sight

  • Accelerate the integration and transformation of PLM and ERP systems
  • Enable new intelligent automation, efficiencies, and productivity with an integrated, end-to-end digital environment
  • Innovate and build faster, potentially freeing up 20% of your engineering resources to focus on other product development activities
  • Reduce time to market by 40%
  • Reduce cost of products and boost profitability
  • Enhance transparency and insights for decision-making, with a unified source of information that connects finance data, parts data, engineering data, and more
  • Increase third-party collaboration and source more effectively, sharing information more readily with supply chain partners
  • Customise and upgrade digital solutions as business needs change and new capabilities become available
  • Rapidly deploy and integrate new PLM capabilities as needed—in potentially as little as two months for additional programmes and projects
  • Reduce transformation risk with industry-tested solutions, services and methodologies

Take the next step
Learn how Deloitte’s three decades of SAP experience can help you create a single digital thread across your PLM and ERP systems. Contact us to schedule a demo of SAP and Siemens solutions in action or to discuss a specific challenge your organisation is facing.

Making the connection from PLM to ERP