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Deloitte Launches New Salesforce Apprenticeship Programme

Read about Deloitte’s latest contribution driving an impact through Wave Training Programme via Apprenticeship Programme.

In this new apprenticeship programme, Deloitte created a net new position for professionals who are eager to become technology consultants but might not have training traditionally required for the role or a 4-year college degree.

In July 2023, Deloitte , launched inaugural Salesforce Apprenticeship programme as part of the firm’s commitment to driving impact that matters through the Salesforce Wave Training Programme.  

This programme is just one example of how Deloitte is activating the goals of the its Social Impact Investment, a $1.5 billion, ten-year commitment initiated in 2022 to help increase social and economic mobility, especially for those facing the greatest barriers to equity and prosperity. Quality education and training are important components to helping prepare individuals for the evolving workforce.

“Currently, around 60% of US workers don’t have a four-year degree and may be held back from realising their full potential.” (source - link) Deloitte is expanding the firm’s efforts to tap into that workforce through the apprentice position and experience.  

In this new apprenticeship programme, Deloitte created a net new position for professionals who are eager to become technology consultants but might not have training traditionally required for the role or a 4-year college degree. Prior to applying for the programme, participants took the initiative to learn Salesforce basics through programmes such as the Salesforce Talent Alliance - Wave OneTen Career Cohort.  

What is the Apprenticeship Experience? 

This programme seeks to cultivate Salesforce-skilled professionals by giving participants exposure to the professional services industry and opportunities to build fundamental business skills and technology experiences. Through the duration of the Salesforce Apprenticeship, apprentices will be encouraged and supported on their journey through the following key programme components: 

  • Applying to and joining Deloitte Digital’s Consulting Practice: Apprentices will be based out of Deloitte Digital’s Salesforce Customer & Marketing offering portfolio and trained to help support the transformative solutions we bring to our clients. 
  • Receiving On-the-Job Training: Apprentices will receive extensive training that helps prepare them to meet client needs. 
  • Getting staffed on a project: Apprentices will support active client engagements that will provide them opportunities to grow professionally by gaining experience in client delivery. 
  • Receiving ongoing support and encouragement: Apprentices will receive a mentor and coach. They will have access to a support system of Deloitte Digital practitioners who can help them throughout the apprenticeship and provide insights into their career journey and experiences. 

Why is this program important to Deloitte? 

Deloitte has a long-standing alliance with Salesforce that enables us to bring superior, integrated solutions to our clients. We are also collaborating to diversify the educational profile of our workforce and provide equitable opportunities for individuals to gain sought-after Salesforce skills and opportunities. Inequitable access to education and training can prevent people from systemically disadvantaged communities from securing jobs that allow for upward mobility. Deloitte is committed to expanding pathways to opportunity and economic mobility for those facing the greatest barriers by helping to dismantle obstacles and building bridges between education, skills training and employment. This programme is an example of how we are realising this commitment. 

“The systemic barriers that exist within society have made it difficult for individuals from diverse backgrounds to obtain the four-year degree that is often the minimum requirement for many family-sustaining careers. An apprenticeship has the ability to change that, giving talent the opportunity to earn and learn at the same time. We’re proud to launch the Salesforce Apprenticeship and provide more equitable access to technology roles that evolve the industry and advance the talents of racially and ethnically diverse candidates.” 

- Kwasi Mitchell, Deloitte US Chief Purpose and DEI Officer, summarises the power of programmes like the Salesforce Apprenticeship can have and the impact they can make, particularly in the lives of individuals who haven't got a 4-year degree. 

“Businesses today are not just implementing Salesforce for automating a singular business case any more. Many are investing in Salesforce as a platform to accelerate innovation and digital transformation. This provides a great opportunity as talent requirements are expanding, from just understanding business acumen and traditional college curriculums, to requiring talent that is also trained and proficient in enterprise platforms like Salesforce. Our apprenticeship programme is one example of how to bridge this gap and provide inroads into technology, through focused trainings, real world consulting experience and opportunities for our apprentices to work with multiple Salesforce technologies. This opportunity is unique as the apprentices are not incoming with the traditional 4-year degree but will have extensive coaching and training on Salesforce and Salesforce consulting, to drive success with our client teams.” 

- Harry Datwani, Deloitte Consulting LLP Principal in Deloitte Digital and the US Consulting Lead Alliance Partner for Salesforce, shares how programmes like the Salesforce Apprenticeship at Deloitte Digital addresses industry demand.

Deloitte Digital is here to create trust and confidence in a more equitable society. Connect with us to make an impact that matters and for upcoming Wave programmes, keep in touch to us at and follow Deloitte Digital on LinkedIn.  

Deloitte Digital is a part of Deloitte Consulting which is subsidiary of Deloitte LLP. Please see for a detailed description of our legal structure. Certain services may not be available to attest clients under the rules and regulations of public accounting. 

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