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Guide to GenAI for CRM

Are you ready to embark on your GenAI journey? Deloitte Digital has the unique blend of industry experience, cross-functional skills and resources to advise, implement and operate this transformation. Our Global Salesforce Assets & Solutions Group has built a suite of offerings that can help to deliver a faster time to value and reduce risk throughout this process.

Watch our video series as Deloitte leaders from across the globe share their insights about the application of GenAI for CRM in five functional domains - marketing, sales, service, commerce and customer success.

Explore insights from Deloitte Leaders

GenAI can revolutionise the way sellers develop and nurture customer relationships through tasks automation and individualised connections facilitation. Harry Datwani, Principal, Salesforce Practice leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP shares his industry knowledge about the GenAI evolution in sales tactics.

GenAI has the power to generate highly personalised and engaging individual experiences that can lead to increased user satisfaction and help deliver better outcomes. Explore valuable insights for elevating your marketing journey from Angelo Paonne, Partner, Deloitte Digital Salesforce Alliance Leader, Deloitte Australia.

GenAI can help to transform customer experiences at B2B and B2C service organisations using self-service bots and personalised service interactions. Learn about the evolving role of GenAI in service through an insightful conversation with Tim McDougal,  Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting LLP.

Backed by in-depth analysis of purchasing patterns and buyer information, organisations can tailor their approach in the market using GenAI and drive profits further. Delve into the key insights with Paul Do Forno, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting LLP to learn more about GenAI integration.

GenAI capabilities pave the way for the entire customer success journey by tailoring the onboarding process for customers and offering guidance to understand the complete value of products or services. Hear more about GenAI’s role in driving visibility from Hannah Golding, Director, Deloitte UK.

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